Monday, November 28, 2016

Want to search for a sex offender? Here's how:

Here's a how-to for searching for sex offenders and why this guide is the correct way to do so:

Some people have a need to locate sex offenders in their area. They want to know who's living next to them, or if a person who's around their children are sex offenders and pose a threat to your kids. That's understandable. We understand that. But knowing where you get your information and the accuracy of the information can go a long way in protecting your family.

There are many scam artists who like to copy official records from state sex offender websites and then post them on their own websites. Many of these websites will claim that your information will be removed if you pay money, THIS IS A SCAM.

We recommend you head over to the United States SMART office's website over at This is a single one-stop location to access more than 50 registries across the US and other territories.

By accessing OFFICIAL state registries you'll do the following:

  • Get the most up-to-date information possible on the offender.
  • Get UNBIASED information for that offender.
  • You will have direct access to receive updates in real-time from the website in most cases.
  • You will have the ability to report possible violations directly to the agency in charge of investigating the information.
  • You will be using what your tax dollars were spent to do.
The downfall of visiting privately owned and operated for-profit websites include:
  • Receiving BIASED information.
  • You are providing yourself a disservice because most of the information is outdated, incorrect or just completely false.
  • You may end up targeting a house or individual that happens to live at the same address where an offender once was listed, who is no longer there.
  • Many of these websites are in the category of "Extortion" websites, charging a fee to remove profiles. Do you trust a website to list so called predators who can pay to be removed? (Hint: State run website do not accept money to be removed from the registry, so why should a private company do so? How is that protecting anyone?)
Please keep in mind that in states like California, the Megans' Law was recently estimated to contain up to 70% errors.  This was recently addressed. (See

Each state has what is called a "Megan's Law Website" and these are the sites that you should be going to. I do want to point out that even this state run enterprise is not by any means accurate but it is as close as you are going to get.

Our goal at is to see the abolishment of privately run mugshot websites, they are nothing but a scam and only cause more fear and harm then they do good. Once we are able to take down these privately run sex offender websites we should be able to regain some control over the registry in it's entirety. In the meantime folks if you're going to search for sex offenders do it through your local police departments. Don't be mislead by privately run sex offender websites.

Thank You.

PS, the privately own and operated websites, as of November 23rd 2016 no longer have access to receive Google Alerts for terms such as "sex offender". Let's think about that for a moment. Even Google acknowledges the existence of "naming and shaming". Again, you are much better off getting your information directly from state operated websites. NEVER trust what you see on the internet otherwise as being anywhere near the truth.