Tuesday, February 24, 2015

For idiot detectives, fbi agents and lazy lawyers...

Are you a detective, FBI agent, lazy lawyer or anyone else confused into thinking these mugshot extortion websites are somehow legal under the first amendment?

We encourage law enforcement, and lazy lawyers to actually DO something rather than pointing fingers and acting stupid.

18 USC § 641 — Public money, property or records 
Government personnel steal government property, knowingly converts government property to their use and the use of others (blackmailers and extortionists). Allows the sale of government property without authority (unpublish fee/reputation repair fee) and retains government property knowing they have been stolen.

Criminal Resource Manual 1663 –
Protection Of Public Records and Documents. “The taking of a public
record or document is prohibited by 18 U.S.C. § 641.” 
DOJ. Retrieved from http://www.justice.gov/usao/eousa/fo...9/crm01663.htm

18 USC § 1028A - Aggravated identity theft
Whoever, knowingly transfers (steals), possesses, or uses (website), without lawful authority, a means of identification (mugshots) of another person shall, in addition to the punishment provided for such felony, be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 2 years.

Government personnel intentionally place stolen “means of identification” - mugshots on to private website to be restolen and used in domestic and international criminal activity by individuals and organized crime (18 USC §1962).

18 USC § 2261A — Stalking 
Webmasters stalk, harasses, intimidates
and causes substantial emotional distress.

18 USC § 2319 — Criminal Infringement of a copyright & 17 USC § 506 — Criminal offenses For the purpose of commercial advantage (website) and private financial gain (money).

Governmental Prima Facie Evidence of name and likeness copyright:
State Certified Birth Certificate,
State Driver’s License, US Passport and other government documents
and records “created” to identify and validate name and likeness.

Government personnel criminal infringe name and likeness copyrights and supply the means for others to criminal infringe copyrights.

18 USC § 1584 - Sale into involuntary servitude Government personnel globally (world wide web) human traffic Americans who are held hostage by electronic means to be used for involuntary servitude. The individual's daily private life is what promotes and makes money for websites that hold them against their will.

Internet Spyware (I-SPY) Prevention Act of 2007
“Intentionally obtains (screen scraping), or transmits (internet) to another person information with the intent to defraud (unpublish/repair reputation).”

18 USC § 875 - Interstate communications Transmits (internet) communication interstate (world wide web) with the intent to “injure reputation” to extort (unpublish/repair reputation).

18 USC § 873 — Blackmail  As consideration for not informing
demands money (unpublish/repair reputation). Even if truthful it violates 18 USC § 875, see David Letterman case. David Letterman reports blackmail and extortion to the FBI elapsed time to arrests 24 hours. Average citizen reports blackmail and extortion, extortionist give interviews with journalists and time elapsed years and still going.

18 USC § 1962 - Prohibited activities Interstate (world wide web) collection of an unlawful debt (unpublish/repair reputation).

18 USC § 880 - Receiving the proceeds of extortion A person(s) who receives, possesses, conceals, or disposes of any blackmail (unpublish/repair reputation) money.

18 USC § 2 - Principals (a) Whoever commits an offense against the United States or aids, abets, counsels, commands, induces or procures its commission, is punishable as a principal.

Government Agencies post stolen government property “means of identification” - mugshots (18 USC § 1028A - Aggravated identity theft) knowing that it will be repeatedly stolen and used in domestic and international criminal activity by individuals and organized crime (18 USC § 1962).

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Offendex/SORArchives family of websites briefly forced offline.

The family of websites under Mr. Rodricks' control was briefly taken offline due to legal complaints. We knew it was just a matter of time the sites went back online. We're leaving this post here for record keeping purposes.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Revenge-porn website operator convicted in San Diego.

Revenge-porn website operator convicted in San Diego

Posted: Feb 02, 2015 5:43 PM PST
Updated: Feb 02, 2015 5:43 PM PST

SAN DIEGO (AP) - A San Diego man charged with running a revenge-porn site where people posted nude pictures of their exes has been convicted of more than two dozen felony charges.

Kevin Bollaert was found guilty Monday of identity theft and extortion.

It's one of the first convictions under a new California law that outlawed revenge porn.

Authorities say Bollaert ran a website where people posted explicit images of their ex-lovers and their names and hometowns without consent, and a second website the victims could contact to have the images removed - for a fee of up to $350.

Authorities say Bollaert made tens of thousands of dollars.

In court, Bollaert's lawyer, Emily Rose-Weber, argued that the business may have been immoral, but it wasn't illegal.

[source] http://www.kmph.com/story/28006642/revenge-porn-website-operator-convicted-in-san-diego

Friday, January 30, 2015

Mugshot Extortionist? Or theft of government data-ist?

We might have been wrong all along on something: Chuck Rodrick might not be a mugshot extortionist. Let me explain:

It was recently brought to my attention something very interesting to ponder:

Mugshots are the general term for "booking photos". Any photos taken by law enforcement for law enforcement purposes as required by law, is actually property of the state. It is NOT property of your average citizen.

We are not reviewing laws state by state to determine what crimes were committed and are still being committed by Rodrick, along with other mugshot "extortion" racket site operates. For all intents and purposes, what Rodrick is doing may be considered THEFT of state property, for the purposes of harassment of those on the states' registries as well as those who've never been convicted of any crime.

We are also now actively monitoring various records for name changes, as we now believe Rodrick may be in the process of legally changing his name (again). If he actually moves forward with this, we'll be working to bring to the attention of the courts why he should not be allowed to do so. We must protect ourselves in the best way we can. Legally.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Convicted Con-Man Chuck Rodrick Must Be Stopped

As many of you are well aware Judge Cooper has run in to some troubles of her own but this does not negate the fact that Chuck Rodrick is an active criminal with his own shady passed including his felony record.

Since I have known Charles Rodrick he has harassed threatened and harmed many innocent peoples lives. Certainly many of his victims have committed crimes that are frowned upon by society in a big way but most of these people have done there time for there crimes and have repaid there debts to society and have moved on with there lives.

We can not say the same for Rodrick who continues to commit crimes in the presence of the AG offices throughout the country specifically Arizona.

I am very disturbed by the fact that Mr. Rodrick is allowed to commit these crimes in his State of Arizona, where corruption seems to run ramped.

I believe in light of what has happened with Judge Cooper that a full investigation be done and particularly against Rodrick himself. First off I can assure you that if the case was to be retried that the results would not be any different. It is and has been my firm belief that Chuck Rodrick a convicted felon continues to commit crimes of a heinous nature which once again I will say are being ignored by not only the AG but federal investigators.

I believe that it is time that all of us begin to work on filing complaints with the AG's office in Arizona once again. I believe that they need to be flooded with complaints by the hundreds of thousands of Chuck Rodricks victims. I also believe that the same should be done with the FBI.

Many of you have asked what you can do to help and I am telling you that the only way you can help at this point is to begin to write letters to the people in charge of investigations. Also since Chuck Rodrick has not paid taxes in over ten years that letter's to the IRS would help tremendously.

I would ask that those of you that decide to stand up for yourselves and write these letters to please forward them to me at adamg846@aol.com so that we will also have a record that you have done so.

Chuck Rodrick is a low life scumbag of the worst kind and he belongs behind bars where he will be unable to cause further harm to the innocent victims.

Many people have different stories behind there particular cases and not one of them is the same as the other.  I can tell you that even though you may have been a Sex Offender, if you have been out of prison for as many as 10, 20 to 30 years you are certainly entitled to live your life in peace as you have proven that you are not unfit to live in our society and that you made a bad decision one time and you should not have to be punished for the rest of your lives.

Unlike the many people who are on the registry who have gone through extensive therapy and are no longer a threat to society. Mr. Chuck Rodrick has never been anything but a conman from the time he was found guilty of his first felony. Rodrick continues to commit crimes while the Officials in Arizona seem to turn a blind eye (Please prove me wrong Arizona Officials).

The bottom line is that we can no longer stand idle while there is an evil villain committing crimes against us and our families.

I personally commit to aiding law enforcement and the AG officials and continuing to ask questions until I get answers, this is my New Years Resolution. With that said I can not do this alone and I am asking that all of you that come to this page to contact me and tell me what it is that you are going to do to help. Again I can be reached by phone 206-363-8011 or by email at adamg846@aol.com.

I will not rest until Chuck Rodricks sites are taken down and he is behind bars.