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Monday, September 26, 2016

My name is Nicholas Maietta. I am one of the several people who post content to Offendextortion.com. Why I haven't been sued for "defamation" also, baffles me. I would have assumed in all these years, the people behind the websites would have realized I was in fact helping out. This is fascinating to me. Why is Rodrick suing Adams' mom? She has nothing to do with this. I guess now is my time to speak up.

I was profiled on Offendex, Offendex-data, Sexoffenderrecord, Courtkey and a few other websites over the last few years after I refused to pay money to have my information taken down, as stated would have been possible according to the websites back in 2011, nearly 5 years ago as of this writing.

I am on the Megans' Law register as required by California law, section 290. That doesn't make me a bad person, it just means I was a stupid person at one point in my life. Should I be castrated or killed or attacked forever? According to sociopaths, yes.

So here I am, sitting in my plush office in downtown Crescent City, working a "real job" and watching as the people behind the Offendex/SOArchive family of websites attack Adam Galvez, Adams' mom Susan, Major David Ellis and others. There is absolutely NO reason for these attacks other than a little man in Arizona got all pissy with us at some point or another. Some of us did absolutely nothing wrong.

I was the man who identified Brent Oesterblad. At one point, I had the names, addresses and vehicle information of Brent, his wife Sara, Charles Rodrick and his girlfriend Traci. That is how good of investigative skills I have. The photo taken of the gated community at Old Painted Trail Road, I took that photo. Go ahead, Mr. Rodrick, see if you can get me for "stalking". I will counter that with the many years you've been stalking me. I had a legitimate reason for confirming your existence in Arizona. You don't have a legitimate reason to do what you've done to us for many years. You are going down for this and the fall won't be good for you.

According to Chuck Rodrick, I'm a murderer and child molester and made death threats against him. If i was going to physically kill or harm that little man, I could have done so without anyone knowing it. I was right next to him. Even Chucky boy didn't know it. And hasn't known it 'til just now. :)

I needed to confirm with my own eyes where he lived so we can work to get him served with civil paperwork. He has since been served.

I recently sold my minivan and am working now to sell my RV. (Don't bother Rodrick scanning Craigslist, you won't find it there). I am selling privately to convert bus into a custom RV. This means I will be able to live and work and travel between places, on free used waste cooking oil and solar panels. I have decided that I don't want to have a stick house anymore, if I am living alone. This will also afford me the ability to appear in Arizona court, as I expect Rodrick to sue me too, as he loves suing people for no justifiable reason.

Yes, i am a computer hacker, but the "good kind". I don't use my skillz for bad. Yes, i got into trouble with the law before I was 18 for breaking into a brand new school network. Those records were sealed because I was a juvenile then.

Yes, i am listed as an absconder from Nebraska. I will FINALLY after 3 years state here, what happened. Because i knew i had an internet stalker, I needed to prove it. I said on my twitter account I left days before I really did. In doing so, Rodrick contacted Nebraska and stated I was no longer in state. So Nebraska called me. I was then told by them to check into California as soon as I arrived. So i did. As soon as I did, Nebraska said I "moved" to California when I wasn't trying to. I was simply visiting California to help with taking care of a dying friend. Yes, I lost my home to Rodrick when trying to help a friend dying of cancer, since her family wasn't able to appear quickly enough. Nebraska has a requirement that when "moving", I was to notify them 3 days prior to doing so. This is a beatable technicality and I'll get a lawyer on that when I feel the time is right, if I feel I should. I traveled back to Nebraska and retrieved my things and was pulled over for speeding while in Nebraska. Nobody arrested me or even questioned me on it, even after I brought it up. The cop was really nice about it.

Courtkey profiles me to include an email i never sent. There is an audio recording of me leaving a "threatening" message with a law firm there, but that's as far as my threats ever went. Yes, I was questioned by law enforcement about it. Even if I would have been charged with a crime, it would not have been a felony. There is no intent to do physical harm nor at the time any reasonable means to do so. Again, I want to state that if I was going to harm Rodrick, i could have easily done so when I was physically not even 30 feet from him at one point.

Rodrick's website actually helped my business immensely in one way. I have an old friend I couldn't easily track down. She Google'd my name and found me. She reached out to me and now we're friends again after all these years. The best part is, her mom happens to be a big shot in the silicon valley with 28 patents under her belt, which one of them my company needed access to. That person is now on our team. So Rodrick, that is the only thing you've ever done for me that's good. 100% of everything else was horrible.

Rodrick's websites has caused me to lose homes, jobs, clients. None of his BS has ever caused me to lose friends or contacts.

I want to be clear, Rodrick, since I know you are reading this: I am super surprised you can attack an older woman and a veteran who has nothing to do with this yet, you don't go after the person who helped identify you. What are you afraid of?


Former Luxury rental of 6541 E. Old Paint Trail Carefree in Arizona

Former Luxury rental of 6541 E. Old Paint Trail Carefree in Arizona
Photo taken Jan 10, 2014 by the Harassment Neutralization Network

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