Understanding the Fight

Thursday, May 26, 2016


About four years ago myself and others began a campaign against internet extortion. The owner of  the website www.offendex .com Chuck Rodrick and his business partner Brent Oesterblad dove into a business adventure together that would make them a lot of money. The idea was interesting yet obviously deviant in nature. Together they created a website that would "Keep the public aware and safe", sounds like a good idea right? Well the problem with the website is it was not run with good intentions and neither Rodrick or Oesterblad had any intentions of "Keeping the public aware" Instead their idea was much more sinister.

Understanding What Their Site Represents:

Clearly their site was designed to extort ex-sex offenders by posting their images and then charging upwards of five hundred dollars "no questions asked" to remove them from their site. Does "No questions asked" sound like their intentions were to help the public?? I think it is quite clear that this was nothing but a scam designed by two ex-convicts who have a history of publicly documented scams. DO NOT BE FOOLED by what the intentions of these convicts are. I believe at this point if you do your own research you will find out who is in the wrong in this situation.

Making Contact:

When I initially realized that my name had been posted up on their website I was shocked. I am an ex-offender indeed, but my picture had been taken down off the Megan law website many years ago. My conviction was in 1996. So I knew that I was either going to let these people turn my life upside down or I was going to fight for my rights, I chose to fight. I was immediately attacked when Rodrick and Oesterblad figured out that I was not going to be scammed. Now with the kind of attacks that they pursued against me, many would have run for their very lives. Fortunately I was either smart enough or just crazy enough to believe that I could take on these monsters. I realized I was not the only victim and I felt that it was very important to take on these people so others would not be harmed. Unfortunately even with the help and courageous efforts of others, many people would be seriously harmed.

Waging the war:

With legal representation we decided to file a lawsuit against Rodrick and others involved, this is now know as "The Federal Lawsuit" which will be taking place shortly. Unfortunately due to various reasons all of the does that were sex offenders were thrown out of the case including myself hmm... The case is now going forward with the victims that were not sex offenders. I personally was greatly disappointed when I learned that I was no longer a part of that case but in my heart I knew that the people that were left, would carry on and battle, what we have been battling against for years. We shall see shortly if our efforts in this area are successful.

Chuck Rodrick's First Lawsuit Against Us:

It didn't go well for Mr. Rodrick who ended up losing to the tune of 3.4 million dollars. This lawsuit sent Rodrick and his team on an all out hate campaign against anybody and everybody that disagreed with him. He has attacked a decorated soldier, an elderly Mother, an accomplished newsman, five attorneys, a Judge and the list goes on. Rodrick really just hates the world right now. To this very day Rodrick has continued to be allowed to attack all these people and hundreds more. If it makes him proud to destroy lives he should be a very proud man.

More then Just A War Against Sex Offenders:

Mr. Rodrick a felon himself has now changed the rhythm of this fight. This fight is not about RSOL or any of the other Sex Offender based organizations. This is now about ex-convicts who came up with a good scam and have gone way above what is reasonable to prove their point. These people are pure evil. This is about a mad man who has been able to get away with destroying peoples lives for years now. And what angers me the most is that the State of Arizona has allowed this conman to continue with his heinous conduct, destroying many lives and creating hundreds of victims. I can't understand why local officials have just allowed this kind of conduct, it is shocking.

Now things Are Changing Rapidly:

Finally after three years of the kind of heinous conduct that Rodrick and his team have been allowed to do, we have finally received the attention that has been needed in this case on the Federal Level. Unfortunately it would not be appropriate to discuss an ongoing investigation and so we will not be doing that in this post.  The fact of the matter is that it took several years to be recognized as victims and we are now to that point.

What's next:

In an effort to try and destroy me and effect my life in a negative way like he has for years now, Mr. Rodrick has filed yet another lawsuit against me... When does it end?? At this point I am not at all shocked that Mr. Rodrick would abuse the court system for his own selfish needs. I feel strongly that this is a Frivolous Lawsuit and I believe that we can prove this in court. And that is all I can say about that for now. My team will now continue to fight the good fight. I personally will not give up on any of you and will fight for those that can not. I do not feel alone in this fight as I have the help and support of many good people and that is one of the main reasons I will continue to fight for not only my rights but yours too. I pray 2016 is the year that we wrap this part up.

To all of You that are the Victims of Chuck Rodrick:

Please know that this will come to an end. We need all of you to remain patient as we now allow the Government to do it's investigation. I hope that this post leaves you feeling that you are not alone and we are fighting for you daily. May God Bless all the victims of Chuck Rodrick....

Prison Reform: A perspective of an awesome human being

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The concept of punishment is philosophically immoral and should be replaced with a more pragmatic philosophy of protection and prevention. We are endlessly complex creatures. We live endlessly complex lives. No two of us share the exact same experiences. This unique set of circumstances makes us unfathomable to each other. We are not Gods. We are only human and limited in our scope. As such no human being is qualified to pass moral judgement upon another. Therefore moral judgments should be replaced with pragmatic judgments.

Society should continue to isolate criminals and prevent them from harming others. But instead of saying "we judge you to be evil and will punish you to satisfy our desire for revenge" the message would instead be "We cannot hope to understand the complexity of you, nor of the events in your life which lead you to behave in this way. However, we have a duty to protect the larger society. Therefore we must isolate you from doing harm. We won't subject you to needless suffering. We pass no moral judgement. We will do what we can within the limitations of our resources to assist you in reform." Parents are responsible for teaching children right from wrong. Once they become adult it is too late. Society should not take on this role.

What would a society undertaking such a philosophical change be like? On the surface it would look pretty much the same. Criminals would still be sequestered. But on a deeper level it would be radically different. It could lead to some potential offenders voluntarily turning themselves instead of doing the crime. More importantly it would establish a more civilized, adult to adult relationship between the offender and society. This more grown up and humane relationship would likely create an environment more conducive to reform.

-- Name of writer withheld due to Rodrick's attacks on any writers... even though this writer had nothing to do with this website.

Facebook Seems to Like to Enable Felons, We Need Your Support

Monday, May 23, 2016

Interestingly Chuck Rodrick has found a forum that will support his lies and threats. Facebook has removed courtkey.com for the exact same reasons that Rodrick is using this new facebook page for. So why is this new FB page being allowed??? What Rodrick has done is to create another page that will incite fear into those that read it, just like before. They are subject to lies that are posted under aliases and by Chuck himself. 

Rodrick has pointed all of his advertisement towards each individual that he attacks by posting advertisements in the states that Chuck Rodricks Victims live in. He has created aliases to incite more anger and violence and to go after anybody that questions their FB page. It is in no way a site where real people can share their real feelings. It is clearly a revenge site. 

Rodrick has amassed quite a following on this facebook page. People are buying into his lies like lost sheep. I guess these people have not learned that you do not believe everything you read on the internet. 

FACEBOOK continues to allow our lives to be in danger and doesn't seem to mind that if somebody is killed because of Rodricks site, all will be fine. 

We are not going to stand for it. I recommend anybody and everybody that can use facebook to take this opportunity to file a complaint about FB page: Barcomplaints.com. This is going to take more than just myself to have this page removed permanently. We must make Facebook aware that Rodrick is a serious danger to the FB community and his page is not well suited for their website. 

To Facebook: Please note that if anybody is harmed or killed because you have allowed Chuck Rodrick to incite fear, anger and violence on his page then reasonable court action will be taken.

Here is an interesting read:  http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/technologyinvesting/facebook%e2%80%99s-troubling-one-way-mirror/ar-BBtlh29?ocid=spartanntp

Rodgers vs. Justmugshots.com


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Former Luxury rental of 6541 E. Old Paint Trail Carefree in Arizona
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