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Chuck Rodrick's Former Attorney Dan Warner Appears to Have Turned On Rodrick

Extortion Racket Websites: Mugshot & Sex Offender Sites
Originally Posted: Thursday, June 11th, 2015 | Last Updated: Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Online extortion rackets can deeply damage your reputation. We can help get your information removed from certain sites.
“Can I get my name removed from the Web? What if my information wrongly ends up on a sex offender website? Can I get my picture removed from a mug shot website?”
Answer: Yes, you can – under certain circumstances.

Two Men, One Extortion Racket Website?

Charles “chuckRodrick and Brent Oesterblad had each fiddled in fraud. Cable de-scrambling, Alaskan Ponzi schemes, frequent flier scams – that kind of thing. By the noughties, they’d found each other, and subsequently started an online records subscription service. But the Internet is fueled on free information, and by 2006, subscription record services had gone the way of the print Yellow Pages.

But the relationship didn’t end with the tanked online venture. Several years later, Rodrick and Oesterblad once again found each other and started another enterprise. Or, at least according to Oesterblad that’s what happened.

The site was called – with an accompanying microsite, – and the operators’ stated goal was to save the world from sex offenders – of course. The real impetus? Offendex had very little to do with good citizenry and everything to do with greed. Because according to one of the operators, the site was nothing more than a shame and pay scheme. People who refused to pay to get their info removed said they had to deal with harassing calls, aggressive emails, lawsuits threats, doxxing incidents and various social media headaches. Some Offendex targets reported paying only to have their information remain published.
At its peak, the online racket was raking in about $30,000 a month.
You’re thinking: “Who cares if sex offenders are being extorted! They’re sex offenders!” And you have a point. But here’s the rub: the data used to populate the website wasn’t accurate. In fact, people who’d never been arrested or charged with any sexual deviancy or crime were showing up on the site. Innocent people.

Word got out; authorities got involved; Rodrick and Oesterblad had to wrestle with a new set of legal problems. But the two men were on the outs over an $800-ish unpaid invoice – and Oesterblad was more than willing to sing dirges of online fraud about his former friend.
Upon arrest, Rodrick double-dog swore that he had nothing to do with Offendex or any sex offender site. But Brent Oesterblad is now confessing to police that he helped his buddy, Rodrick, evade traceable ownership interest in the sex offender sites by using foreign banks, overseas domain registrars and proxy servers.
But Rodrick is not backing down. Instead, he decided to file a rash of defamation lawsuits against anybody who said he was involved in the sextortion sites.
OK, so, maybe you’re thinking: “Well, if Rodrick’s name wasn’t associated with the website or business paperwork, then how can he be linked to the extortion websites? It’s just hearsay!”
Except that a financial forensic specialist followed the money, which led to… got it: Rodrick.

The Courts Follow The Money In Website Extortion Cases

Not having your name “officially” associated with a company isn’t a legal invisibility cloak; the absence of your name on documents doesn’t necessarily mean you’re free of liability. Why? Because prosecutors follow the money. And if all pecuniary paths point back to you and yours, there’s a good chance the lack of formal paperwork won’t save you. Especially in a case like this where one of the ne’er do wells is talking.

Juan Lorenzana, a computer forensic specialist who testified at the hearings, explained:
“Whoever is receiving money would have control over the websites. Revenue is flowing to him through the websites.”

At points during proceedings, credit-card receipts, bank account data and checks were entered into evidence.

The Court TV “WTFLOL” Twist: Felon Lawyer / Polygraph Expert / PR Anti-Specialist

(*And now for the “Jerry Springer” potion of our website extortion tale.*)
For reasons that can only be speculated about, Rodrick didn’t hire a lawyer. Instead, he enlisted the help of Kelley Bradbury, who deserves a lifetime achievement award in being ballsy. Why? Because according to reports:
  • She served eight years in a Colorado prison for thieving and now works at a lie detector school.
  • After taking a handful of paralegal courses, she added the honorific, J.D. to her signature. But she did earn a certificate in “airline operations.” Which, who knows, maybe she’s qualified to run Delta.
Bradbury helped Rodrick prepare for court. She’s also left pro-Rodrick messages around the Web, but was forced to remove them.

Extortion Sites Won’t Be Making Money In the Near Future; Internet Shakedown Industry Will Soon Be A Thing of The Past

The Internet will eventually shutter extortion websites, organically. Mastercard, Visa, Discover and PayPal have already stopped taking transactions from racket sites. Plus, Google has tweaked its algorithm so those types of sites don’t show in the results.
At this point, the case is a civil one. Maricopa County Attorney, Bill Montgomery, conducted an investigation, but opted not to file criminal charges. So, if Rodrick loses, he won’t have to do prison time, but he will probably have to pay a hefty fine.

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It appears as though Dan Warner has decided to come out with the truth about his former client Chuck  Rodrick. I find this all very interesting and would like to here some of your opinions on this.

I have seen that we have been getting a lot of questions on the site lately. I will answer those shortly. There have been a lot of major developments and at this point we have to keep the information confidential as we are researching everything so that we can give you an accurate account of what is going on.

To all of you: Please do no think that we have given up because we have not been posting a lot lately. We are working on stories now and will be getting them out to you.

Finally, the war has not ended and will not end until the sociopath (Rodrick) has stopped.

Thank you,

Adam Galvez

UPDATE: I was contacted by Aaron Kelly later in the day. During our first conversation Kelly admitted that he was aware of the story and that he actually "Liked" it but did not want it posted. He requested that I remove the content, I advised him I would talk to my administrator and hung up.
Kelly would later deny that neither he nor Warner were responsible for the writing of the post. In my opinion he is being untruthful. Kelly is advertised for knowing or having knowledge of internet crime and that he is a tech. I find it surprising and unbelievable that somebody with so much knowledge of computers would find themselves in this situation. .

Conspiracy Against Rights

Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241
Conspiracy Against Rights
This statute makes it unlawful for two or more persons to conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person of any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the United States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same).
It further makes it unlawful for two or more persons to go in disguise on the highway or on the premises of another with the intent to prevent or hinder his/her free exercise or enjoyment of any rights so secured.
Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to ten years, or both; and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years, or for life, or may be sentenced to death.

Taken from:
In other words, people have FREEDOM TO BE LEFT ALONE. Deprivation of this is in violation of Title 18, section 241.

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Who Is Sara Shea aka Sara Osterblad?

                                                           SARA OSTERBLAD SHEA

WARNING: This is Sara Shea aka Osterblad. She is working very closely with Chuck Rodrick. Here is a good link that will give you a bit of info.

Sara Shea will make an effort to email you and get on your good side, don't fall for that non-sense. She has no compassion for human beings and would walk away from you if you were dying on the side of the road. 

If there were a female Chuck Rodrick it would be Sara Shea. Another case Sara was involved in Chuck of course lost this lawsuit so far he is 2 for three... 

Sara seems to be able to place most of the blame on her ex-husband Brent Osterblad, Rodricks business partner. But trust me when I tell you she is as crooked as can be. 

Sara is making an almost panicky attempt to cover up her past wrongdoings. She has had her fair share of scams. Saraskitchen being one of them along with being involved in a frequent flyer scam with her ex husband Brent Osterblad. 

Maybe you have questions for Sara Shea Osterblad, her email is remember use caution she is a con artist. 

Chuck Has created a new facebook page where he has Sara saying the slimy lies. She goes by "Jane Collins" or "Sara Shea" We will not advertise the website on this site.

The bottom line is that Sara is very evil, she has bad intentions and she is in my opinion a nut case.  Please use caution if she reaches out to you.

Some of Saras Comments thus far:
  • Jane Collins Ironically for you, Ellis is that Chuck will wind up being the really big winner of this whole sad chapter of our lives. You will go down as a disgrace. Shown for the liar you are.
This lady has her wires crossed..

  • Jane Collins Anglen, why can't you use your voice to protect the public like Courtkey and SOR does. You should protect the public from sick sex offenders, not being an accessory to their sick crimes.
"An accessory to their crimes"??? WTF is this broad talking about??

There is more information to come on Sara Shea please stay tuned....

The True Story Re-Published


I feel that at this point it is very important to re-run Robert Anglens story, since it seems now that Rodrick is really on the attack again after 3 years. He is trying to destroy the lives of the people that beat him in court. He is paying for thousands of dollars of Facebook advertisements continuing with his lies and slander including death threats on his new FB page.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Verdict is In

We are republishing this so that people get a quick and concise idea of what happen and why Chuck Rodrick is so angry...

Hello all. What has been a very stressful 2 years and a very intense week the State case in which Adam was a defendant has finally wrapped up. 2 Years ago Chuck. Rodrick. and his girlfriend Traci Heisig decided that in retaliation to an upcoming federal lawsuit that they would file a lawsuit first. After many months of torture from these people a verdict has come in.

First of all just to make it clear this lawsuit was a mess from the very beginning. Mr. Rodrick. would continuously do things to drive up everybody's legal fees along with his continuous harassment of every one involved. His plan was to break us all financially. What he did not anticipate was that he picked this fight and we were not going to back down.

To our surprise the very first day of trial, Mr. Rodrick who had made a paper work error in one of his filings had his claims tossed out the door. A couple months earlier his girlfriend Traci Heisig already had her claims dismissed and so they both became defendants in a lawsuit that they started.

Now we have never made any claims that Mr. Rodrick and his Girl Friend Traci Heisig were smart folk. We will allow you as the reader to form your own opinion.  Those  that had counter claims now became the PLAINTIFFS and Broken Down Mr. Rodrick and his girlfriend Traci became the defendants.

What this meant was that the minute we walked through those court room doors all of the new PLAINTIFFS had already won the lawsuit that Mr. Rodrick had so frivolously filed, make sense? I know how you feel if it doesn't make sense, nothing really has made any sense since this all got started. Basically we won right away as we were no longer the defendants, what was left were our counter claims which made us Plaintiffs and all of us winners.

Ok so... I am not going to drag this on any longer.  Adam Lost his counterclaims but won the lawsuit His mother WON her counterclaim and the lawsuit that had been so frivolously filed against her by Daniel Warner who no longer stands by his client as is written in the pinned article at the top of this page.

"If were going to fight this fight certainly Mothers and Soldiers who are 100% innocent should be awarded and not involved, I am willing to be the martyr in this case until we get a win for all 750,000 on Mr. R's. website." "We ourselves shall over come some day" said Adam. " I will continue to fight for the rights of others and in time we will get the win we all so very much deserve".