More Lies Coming From Rodrick and Oesterblads Websites

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Latest Quote coming directly from their website:

"FBI: No contact has ever been received from the FBI making any form of inquiry."

Did Oesterblad and Rodrick completely forget their testimony in the most recent federal case against Rodrick????

BOTH OESTERBLAD AND RODRICK TESTIFIED IN A COURT OF LAW THAT THEY IN FACT HAVE BEEN CONTACTED BY THE F.B.I. Hopefully they will soon be indicted by the F.B.I. and we can all get on with our lives. 

These internet stalkers are definitely under a F.B.I. CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION yet they are DIRECTLY LYING in their post, a BOLD FACED LIE. For years now we have been telling people that this group of internet thugs LIE like no others. Their whole website is based on LIES, CONJECTURE and DECEPTION and has been now for over 4 years. 

If these guys are going to lie about this, once again they will lie about anything. They are now desperate scum that have absolutely nothing to lose now except their freedom. Things really just are not looking good for any of these liars.  Only a guilty person would hide this very important FACT. 

We will keep you updated about their continuous lies...

More Conjecture and Lies By Felon Brent Oesterblad (UPDATE)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ok we're doing a rewrite on this story because I apparently am not to good at using a computer lol, I accidently erased the content then couldn't retrieve it. Let's Start Over.

So Felon BRENT MARSHALL OSTERBLAD read our most recent post and this was his response:

"UPDATE; IN RESPONSE TO A POST BY CHILD MOLESTER ADAM GALVEZ “I can tell you all that David Ellis’s Father was not charged with a felony yet we have two true felons disgracing this honorable man”

Below is a portion of the court records"


Brent Oesterblad is correct when he says "Below is a portion of the court records", why not put them all up there??? WHY Because they are trying to hide the final disposition of the case. The final disposition is very important as it clearly shows that David Ellis's father was not charged with a FELONY. So once again they are out to make me look like the liar, I call it a fail. Below is the FINAL DISPOSITION which clearly shows that he in fact was not charged with a felony. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE. The court records that they share on their defamation website clearly leaving out the fact that there was a mistrial. They have posted the indictment but once again fail to tell the whole story. We have included the additional document that shows that there was a mistrial.

Adam's Comment

Friday, August 19, 2016

First of all I want to thank Rodrick and his gang of thugs for driving us so much traffic, man our stats are GREAT!! I want to thank all of you that are visiting the site and paying attention to what is going on.

 We are truly thankful to our regular visitors for your support as it is always needed. It feels great to know that we do have Love and support from all of you. I thank God that there are still normal people out there that look at all the angles before they judge.

 I also thank God that Rodrick and Oesterblad are in no way my judgers, they have absolutely no power over me and they will have no say in where I go when I leave this earth. I have one judge and that is the Lord only he can judge me. For the followers of the ill willed websites, the scam sites and the fraudulent sites I feel very sorry for you people. It must be miserable to only be able to think one way. To have a one tracked mind must be miserable but at the very least extremely ignorant. Your ignorance show in your comments your little followers and sheep.

 Back to my protector THE LORD who is the almighty one that makes the ultimate decisions as to who is right and who is wrong. Certainly he must see your discretions when you celebrate the death of another human being. Certainly he must see your discretions when you attack a man's Mother. Certainly he must see your discretions when you harm innocent people. You see I am protected, there is nothing you can say or do that will ever harm me for I know that my glory is coming. I can't judge you and say that you all will go to hell I can only pray that the Lord gives you what you truly deserve.

 I truly believe in my heart that if anybody deserves to go to hell it would be you people. You can convince as many evil people that you want that I am evil but I can assure you it is not me that is evil, it is you. Those that know me and truly love me and have forgiven me are the ones that matter. I am lucky enough to say that I am loved by many people and that I am never in this battle alone. I am a blessed person because I am loved, are you guys truly loved?

 Do you all know what love is? I can tell you that it is an amazing thing, it is what keeps me alive. I know that Rodrick is ill, maybe if you could find some love in your heart you will not suffer as much as you do? maybe then you would not be as angry and bitter and evil as you are. The same goes for you Mr. Oesterblad, find some love in your heart and maybe your health will be better.

 These people are truly the evilest of evil they are not our friends they are our enemies, they are pure evil. They are dangerously evil. So I would ask those that share my belief please pray that the Lord take care of these evil people, pray that they learn a lesson.

 My hate for these Sub-Humans these evil predators is strong. I often ask the Lord to please intervene and shut these guys down. I know that as a true Christian someday I will have to forgive these people and move on but at this point i just can not do that.

 It truly blows my mind that these Evil people would celebrate the death of another man and then post his picture up and disgrace his memory. I can tell you all that David Ellis's Father was not charged with a felony yet we have two true felons disgracing this honorable man. We have the scum of the earth disgracing a man that did more to help people in his lifetime then a lot of men ever do. I can assure you that these four scumbags have and never will do anything to help mankind yet they think they have the right to judge and disgrace a dead man? It is sick, truly sick what these people are doing and I hope that you can all recognize this. I pray that the Agent that is working on this case can find what they need to arrest Mr. Rodrick and his gang of thugs. 

I mentioned that they are attacking my mother again. They are once again making claims that they are going to sue her. Dr.Evil is asking for " ONE MILLION DOLLARS" (hahahah). I am telling you it is just all so ridiculous. The post that Oesterblad put up is so far fetched, so ridiculously stupid and ultimately very immature. You see Oesterblad may be a great writer but he is not an attorney. So basically what they are doing is blowing smoke which as all of you know is not unusual for these thugs. There will never be a lawsuit pertaining to the ridiculous allegations they are making. Your not intimidating us Oesterblad you thug.

So we really need to get the word out there that their websites are fake really their is no other word for it they are literally trying to fake people into believing their misconceptions and lies. They are truly the worst people on the internet at this point and time.

 I know the F.B.I is working on this problem thank God and maybe we will all see some justice soon. As I always say please hang in there people I believe that we will achieve our goal very soon. We will not live in fear when we clearly know that we are the good people that we are the victims and that we are being viciously attacked. We know that we are correct because we are not the ones that are under investigation. You see only people that are doing something wrong get investigated by the F.B.I., its as simple as that. So the smart people will see through the lies and conjecture orchestrated by Brent Oesterblad and his business partner Charles Rodrick.

Again I want to thank you all for your continued support. Please leave a comment showing your support if you can. I understand some get leery about leaving comments, its ok we see you in our stats and we know you are out there. God bless you all....

Oh These Dogs!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Well it's quite apparent that they have been running a "Dog Service Business" SCAM. Yes they have been at it for awhile, taking advantage of those that are in need of real Service Dog credentials. The lengths that these folks will go to harm those that are in real need of help, disabled people! "Are you kidding me!" NO i'm not kidding you. They are literally in the dirty doggie business. Guess who manages the business?? No other then Traci Heisig, Chuck Rodricks Girlfriend and crime partner. The links to their latest scam sites are here:

Here are some reviews:

  • Hello.

    This company selling service dog registrations and vests uses several different websites to sell the same product so they are a little slippery to track down, but this is the website through which I ordered: and this is the phone number on that website: 1 800 991 3186.

    I placed an order for a complete kit, including service dog vest, certificate and ID badge. As I moved through the order process, I expected I would be prompted to attach a photo of my dog for the badge and license, and to a screen showing a mockup of my order to check spelling, etc.

    When I was not shown those things, I IMMEDIATELY emailed the company and told them NOT to proceed with my order until my questions were answered and I had seen a proof. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY my order could have been completed before they received my email asking them to stop. It was literally 5 minutes later.

    A very rude ad unhelpful salesperson responded that they do not do proofs. I said that I was cancelling my order then - I am not willing to pay a premium price for a custom order if I cannot be sure they have the correct spelling, sizing, etc.

    Then the sales rep from the company phoned me, yelled at me, and said I am one of the “stupidest goddamn bitches” he has ever seen. I told him he had no right to talk to me that way, that I had cancelled my order, and I expected my refund.

    He has refused to cancel the order and refused to refund my money.

    This company is preying on the vulnerability of sick and disabled people. We have service dogs because we have physical, mental and emotional deficits.

    This is abuse and fraud. Please stop this company before they hurt anyone else.
  • Terrible experience with this service dog registration business. The end products are cheap and shoddy at best. The ID card is not centered and the information on the back is cut off. Moreover when requesting email copies for immediate purposes you get a cheap "i could have generated that" "certificate" which you are supposed to fill in by hand, for $37. When asked for a refund there is no response. COMPLETE RUBBISH for over $100. AVOID this website/company at all costs. I will be taking my issue up with Paypal to see if i can fight for a refund. I had admitted i was the idiot for falling for a flashy website and i would eat the $90 but with some integrity i asked for the refund on the "immediate certificate" cost of $37. no reponse, nothing.
  • SCAM, SCAM, SCAM - Didnot immediately get the registration number as the web site indicated. Sent an email as the web site suggested if there was any concerns. Couldn't look up the registration number to see if it was registered as I didn't get one. No phone number listed, no contact person listed, no address, nothing available to actually get help or information. Looked up the company Sid Company that Paypal had listed and found this blog. Thank goodness I used Paypal and had the transaction refunded back. Paypal has flagged this vendor as undesirable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       MORE TO COME AS THIS STORY DEVELOPS................
  • This Just In (Breaking News)

    Tuesday, August 16, 2016


    Coming to Phoenix, August 25th-28th to film and do a story on Major David Ellis' trials and tribulations concerning the Rodrick / Oesterblad racketeering organization.
    The producers of the show will attempt to allow the felons an opportunity to discuss "their side" of the issue.  "If they do not want to participate that is not a problem for this news story.." said an executive producer for the very popular show.  It is broadcast by KTLA in Phoenix.  The story will focus in on illegal internet harassment and extortion, and "business practices".  The TV Show will uncover the depths of Rodrick's deceptive business practices on the internet to include his service dog related websites.  "Thousands of complaints have been made to the FTC and other organizations to include the DOJ and ADA from dissatisfied customers seeking refunds or exchanges. " stated a show spokesperson... 

    Well there you have it.  It appears the criminals are going to get ALL the publicity they have been craving.  The best part is?  If they participate.. anything and everything can be used by the FBI against them if need be.
    This website will be getting a "cameo" shot in the story.  


    Former Luxury rental of 6541 E. Old Paint Trail Carefree in Arizona

    Former Luxury rental of 6541 E. Old Paint Trail Carefree in Arizona
    Photo taken Jan 10, 2014 by the Harassment Neutralization Network

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