Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mugshotextortion Sites Warning

Welcome back, we have been able to keep you as viewers informed on what can happen if you contact these kind of websites and ask for your names to be removed. So it is my advice to never contact these mugshot extortion sites unless you have legal representation. It is also my advice to never pay these scam sites any money. Many of these sites will make promises that they will clear your name off their mugshot registries and will even tell you that they will make sure that you never come up on any mugshot website from here on out, this is a lie. We will be doing whatever it takes to get these mugshot websites removed permanently from the internet as it is nothing more then just another internet scam.

We will be posting information on who you can contact should you become a victim of one of these mugshot extortion sites. Hang in there with us while we gather resources for all of you that are being attacked by these thugs.

In the mean time please take our advice and steer clear of these sites and do not make phone calls to these mugshot websites.

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