Sunday, March 26, 2017

Updates On On-Going Lawsuits

Yes we are still being stalked by the same people, names won't be mentioned but we are sure most of you who have been following know the players. Scum Bags with pure evil in their hearts. Oh but they will go on about how terrible of a person I am because of something that happened 20 years ago. I think I have proven to be a safe asset to this community. Based on many years of lies these scum have been able to manipulate the system something they are used to doing. They have gone as far as trying to turn the story all around which doesn't work well for three convicts and we might be adding a fourth soon. They have all been convicted of crimes yet they pretend to play the crime fighters. They are good at convincing people of this in fact.


Not long from now we will be able to reflect back on this and realize that from the very beginning we did the right thing. I would not take a moment of it back as long as I know that in the end there will be some people put away for their crimes, their unjusts and mainly their untruths. We all will forever be effected in some way by the trauma these people have caused in our lives.
If by exposing them we harmed them then they get what they deserve, the harm they have caused others is unforgivable. This story is the true definition of CYBER STALKERS and they happen to be quite good at it. I do not fear that I will not see justice in this matter, it will come and when it does the victory will be ours.


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