Wednesday, April 5, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Charles Rodrick and Brent Oesterblad are completely fucked.


In just 2 days, we'll be appearing in King County Superior Court in Washington State to learn if various motions by the defendants will be granted. We'll also likely get to hear the questions the Judge will have in this case. Apparently the Judge has some serious questions. I was wondering what those questions were and questing why the case wasn't just thrown out on day one. I now believe I have my answers, 2 days ahead of the hearing.

Unburned potentially explosive fuel in a combustion engine can lead to a backfire when the things heat up. In this case, the engine is the machine we know as the civil process. And the backfire will be extremely loud and will be heard NATIONWIDE. They better have all their i's dotted and their t's crossed. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for us defendants, they've messed up at every single document in this lawsuit. However, it seems that the defendants are not actually defendants in this case, and that's the most glaring problem Rodrick and Oesterblad don't realize they have, even if we were to somehow lose the case. Collecting any kind of Judgement against any defendants will need to first come from the court verifying and acknowledging that there were no procedural errors in case. No matter what happens on the 7th, we're many steps ahead of the game and I intend to bring those steps to everyone involved, except for the plaintiffs.

And if i need to, i'll prove it and if I do, it will be very soon.

--Nicholas Maietta

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